How to Turn Twitter into your Corporate Address Book

Where contact info is

You can’t sell anything to someone who doesn’t know you exist. That’s a basic of marketing - and of common sense, for that matter. Getting people to know your business is step one to success in sales. Of course, other steps must follow so you reach your goal. Your potential customers need to be convinced that your products and/or services are good and worth their money, and that they should actually purchase them. Let your marketers handle that. But they can’t work without a proper contact management system that provides them of their targets. So how do you find people they can target?

Many e-marketers consider Twitter a good place for advertising, but few can see its actual potential. Long story short, Twitter advertisement itself is very overrated. Twitter feeds are so constrained and so spammy that your ad is extremely likely to be just overlooked and forgotten in literally a fraction of a second. There are much better ways to use Twitter for your business’s sake.  Read More...

How to Expand Your Business with Sound Financial Planning

At some point, all businesses require in-depth look into their finances to evaluate their development and their future expansion options. Anything can prompt an in-depth look in the business financial structure, be it an expansion project, a surge in expenses or even low cash reserves. If you find the business borrowing increasing alongside an increase in sales, you might want to evaluate your financial options as well. Sometimes you may be thinking of enhancing your online efforts for global competitiveness, in which case you need professional merchant advise.

Assessing Business Growth Options

Every business owner knows the importance of consolidating the business financial position to get ways to grow the venture. Should you decide to plan for your growth, you need to plan your finances carefully to ensure succeeding. Growth exposes your business to greater risks, but with a sound strategy, you can be assured of security, stability and long term profits.  Once you assess your own weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities to your business, you will be equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Read More...

Use data shredding and keep those financial records secure

Data safety

Privacy is something we all want to have, at least to some degree. Our personal information and records isn't something we'd like to see leaking in the Internet, or passing form mouth to mouth, with everyone knowing about it. Of course, some data are more sensitive than other data. You might prefer people not to know how much you spend every month, but you would want them even less to find out the safety code of your debit card.

Financial information is very sensitive data and it is understandable that you'll want to keep it a secret. Bank accounts, PINs, financial records, payment history and passwords should never fall in the wrong hands. You will always want this information to be protected and secured. Now, imagine that you own a business or a large company, with lots of client data, merchant account activities, cards here and there, assets, addresses, correspondence, supplier data, internal accountancy, and plenty of other things you want nobody else to find about. Data security becomes vital for you, so you will want all your records and activities to remain safe, far away from the eyes of the rest of the world. Other institutions or professionals will also want to protect their files from leaking, like medical records or research results among others. Read More...

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