How to Turn Twitter into your Corporate Address Book

Where contact info is

You can’t sell anything to someone who doesn’t know you exist. That’s a basic of marketing - and of common sense, for that matter. Getting people to know your business is step one to success in sales. Of course, other steps must follow so you reach your goal. Your potential customers need to be convinced that your products and/or services are good and worth their money, and that they should actually purchase them. Let your marketers handle that. But they can’t work without a proper contact management system that provides them of their targets. So how do you find people they can target?

Many e-marketers consider Twitter a good place for advertising, but few can see its actual potential. Long story short, Twitter advertisement itself is very overrated. Twitter feeds are so constrained and so spammy that your ad is extremely likely to be just overlooked and forgotten in literally a fraction of a second. There are much better ways to use Twitter for your business’s sake. 

Basically, Twitter’s database swarms with extremely useful and quite inaccessible contact information. Companies and potential customers from all around the world load their contact info to their Twitter profiles, so a little bit of crawling and scrapping should be enough to get you a huge database with thousands of targeted and filtered potential customers. Good thing that we have computers now to do that for us.

How build a contact info database with Twitter

Choose and identify your target. Think about what kind of company would consume your product or service. In example, if you are a food exporter, you’d like to find all restaurants around the world that have that sort of food in their menu, so you can offer to sell it to them. 
Use spiders to scrap information from all these companies from Twitter. Choose your keywords and let the software generate a database with this contact information. Load this list to your client management system.
 Run a manual double check. Visit the actual websites of the companies from your CMS to make sure they’re relevant for your business. Erase all contacts that fall off this category.
 Start a direct e-mail contact campaign. You will see great results with this sort of approach, as many agree that this is the best way to contact potential customers and make them actual clients of your company. You may also use this system to fill out contact forms and even contact these companies via phone.
 Keep your work up to date. Run constant retargeting campaigns and check for dead domains every once in a while. Keep your database healthy and active.
 Do your business. Now that you have this network of interested clients, you can see your operations grow. Profit ensues!

Seeing beyond

Using Twitter to boost your business is a lot about thinking outside the box - or in this case, outside Twitter’s platform itself. You can make more Twitter business by playing intelligently, using the tools that this social network provides, but in a way that is best for your sake. Successful businesses bypassing Twitter are a reality, as long as you don’t remain trapped within the limits that this company itself draws around you in order to establish its own business. Remember that you want to be the seller, not the customer. By building a well assorted contact info database you go direct, not via Twitter, to all your potential customers.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that social networks have been created later and, therefore, they should be better. Direct e-mail contact approaches proof to be the most effective way to contact your clients. Of course, there is spam everywhere, even with website’s contact forms and e-mail addresses, and crawlers get everyone’s whois and pelt webmasters and managers with tons of trash. However, none of that compares with the actual flood of spam that Twitter feeds have become. You are much more likely to be noticed when you run e-mail based advertisement campaigns than Twitter based advertisement campaings - and you even have to pay for the later.

You can make better business without Twitter if you play it smart. Some companies will charge you to run a Twitter scrapping and generating a contact database for you - sometimes made out of tens of thousands of relevant e-mails. The difference is that this money isn’t going to be a waste. It’s an actual intelligent move towards a huge crowd of people and companies who could be really interested in your products and/or services. Our recommendation is that you take this chance to see your business grow.

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