"Every ship needs a route and a captain. But when they venture in new waters, there must also be a guide who gives the captain a chart and helps him figure out the best way to get to their destination. We mean to be that guide, so captain entrepreneurs can happily reach the port of success."

Henry Olson, CEO of Newcastle Partnership.


Helping entrepreneurs from all of the United Kingdom

Newcastle Partnership is a finance advice company located in London, Sussex and New Hampshire. We aim to provide advice to entrepreneurs who want to start up their own business. We know how the world of finances work and our calling is to share that knowledge with you. Amongst us, you will find the guidance that you need to meet and even surpass your goals.

Every entrepreneurship needs a financial base, and startups are not the exception. It is of great importance to be aware of the risks and also possibilities that exist in the process of setting an economical base to launch your own business. There are a lot of possibilities out there and it is easy to get lost. We will be the compass that guides you through the map of your projects.

What is an angel investor and how can they help me start up my business?

Angel investors are wealthy individuals, usually retired executives or businesspeople who are willing to support financially new startups. Given that they usually have a long path in the world of business, they also can provide helpful advice and lots of useful contacts that can make the difference and launch a new entrepreneurship to the stars.

In Newcastle Partnership we have a special department that is meant to connect our clients with our wide portfolio of angel investors. They are definitely worth their name. If you contact us and request our services, we will connect you with the one who could become your next angel. You can make the difference and receive all of these benefits from highly qualified people who is willing to see new bussiness grow.

Financial advice for a brighter future

A correct financial plan is the key to hold up a starting business. Here in Newcastle Partnership we will elaborate the best financial plan for your entrepreneurship and we will guide you in every step you take to make it real. Learn with us about the world of finances and how they work, so you can make decisions about your own business that are based in actual knowledge of the current situation in finances. Make the best out of the offerings that other financial companies provide and choose what is better for you and your projects. 

Your startup is important because it carries inside your dreams. You have foreseen a future where you can see yourself doing what you want and enjoying success. We want to help you get there. So don't wait any longer and fill out the form that we provide, and we will get in touch with you to get this adventure started!

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Happy Clients

What new successful businessmen and businesswomen have to say.

"Our dream had always been to start up our own cake factory, but things looked pretty difficult for us. We just wouldn't know how to get started. Luckily, Newcastle Partnership cleared it all out for us, and now the dream is becoming a reality!"
Adam & Celia Johnson

Happy Clients

"We in Harbour Street Floorings are proud to be the first startup business in our area that reaches its goals successfully in under a year. Newcastle Partnership has played a big role in it. Now the future shines bright for us and we can't wait to face our next challenge."

Harbour Street Floorings